Marketing & Advertising



Marketing & Advertising



Objectives of Marketing & Advertising -

 1. An informative introduction to marketing, this course provides a basic understanding marketing      structures and techniques including defining and segmenting target markets, using planning and      forecasting techniques, analyzing costs and benefits of marketing mixes, interpreting market      research data, consumers and consumerism, industrial market potentials

 2. An examination and application of marketing research techniques, involving research design,      sampling, forms and questions, data gathering, interpretation and reporting. Attention is given      to new product research, consumer surveys, market analysis and forecasting.

 3. Thiscourse focuses on the development of an effective integrated marketing communication       (IMC) plan within the framework of a firm's total marketing strategy

 4. This course will provide a theoretical background of the use of public relations in the private and       public sector, along with an overview of when to use public relations tools and techniques.

 5. This course looks at the concept of corporate citizenship to address the role of business in       society. It explores best business practices to examine issues of ethical decision making and       stakeholder relations.

 6 . Study of advertising appeals, product and market research, selection of media, testing of       advertising effectiveness and organization of the advertising profession.

 7. Study of the theoretical foundations and the process of developing advertising and promotional      strategy; methods of utilizing research data for developing and evaluating advertising strategy.


Paper –I       - Marketing : Management

Paper –II     - Advertising- Principal and Practice

Paper –III    - Media and Creative Advertising.

Paper –IV     - Art and Production

Paper –V      - Marketing Research & Applied psychology

Paper –VI    - Cultural Heritage of India.


Internal Assessment

            - (Internal Tests (at least two), Study paper, Viva Voce) Based on the current trend in the                 field of Advertising & Marketing.)


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