Travel & Tourism Management



Travel and Tourism Management



Objectives of Travel and Tourism -

 1. With Travel and Tourism becoming an important area of activity, there is a need of Business             Managers who are in a position to handle and promote this trade.

 2. To impart to the students up-to-date relevant knowledge of this trade.

 3. To empower the tourism sector in the arctic to continually innovate more sustainable business       practices, assist the arctic tourism sector to adopt economically, environmentally and culturally       sustainable tourism practices.

 4. The lessons in a travel & tourism, instructs new travel business representatives in how to       perform the business of the travel bureau.


Paper –I       - Tourism Management Principal and Practices

Paper –II     - Destination  India Travel Management and Tour Operating
                       - Tourist Product : Tourist Infrastructure

                   - Travel Agency : Itineraries :  Costings

Paper –III    - Eco- Tourism : Sustainable Tourism.

                        - Stress Management : Role of Information Technology in Art lines :

                        - Tourism : Travel : Hotels : Marketing Accommodation and Entertainment:
                        - Heritage Hotels

Paper –IV     - Sales and Marketing in service, Leisure and Hospitality Industry Airlines :

                          Travel  : Tourism :Hotels

Paper –V       - Airlines : Reservation and Ticketing with fare Constructions : Central Reservation                           System C.R.S.

Paper –VI     - Cultural Heritage of India.


Internal Assessment

            - (Internal Tests (at least two), Study paper/Project Report, Viva Voce, Hospitality Oriented                 Foreign Language.


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