Journalism Requires a thirst for knowledge, grueling hours to stay alert and focus on what’s happening around to communicate the same to the mass in a lucid manner.

What role does EMS play in the field of Journalism?

EMS is the first news agency in the country based on the latest technology using satellite network in the field of communication. Commencing its activities of a news agency in March 1998 from central India, it rapidly expanded its dimension to all the major cities of the country.

Today, EMS has more then 250 subscribers and it moving ahead with the latest technology that works in harmony with the Indian conditions.

What keeps EMS going forward is a devoted and hard working team of reporters, journalists and technicians spread all over the country. It delivers more than 600 news items, features, cartoons, comments and articles, etc.

Nowadays, it is noticed that inspire of technological developments; opportunities for the practical training of young journalists are shrinking day by day. Most of the educational institutions offering journalism courses do not have adequate facilities to provide practical experience to the young journalists who have completed the theoretical part of education.



Express Media Service is the pioneer and first satellite based news agency progressing in the field of news journalism and the power of real voice of news education. Being a news agency EMS has started the nascent effort in news, communication and technology, with the fresh start EMS flock wings in central India and grown all over the country. Affiliated to the Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishvavidyalaya the number of efficient journalists are ready for showing their talent to the world. EMS Academy of Journalism has vast practical/ training facilities for students at its sister concerns- Express Media Services, Express news, Jabalpur Express and Academy has well-equipped studio, where students get practical training of Electronic Media.

From The Desk of The Chairman

Shree Sanat Jain

Keeping in view, problems normally faced by the outsider students, we have started EMS youth hostel for boys and girls separately. This hostel located at a walking distance from the Academy building and facilities provided there are appreciated by the students and their parents also.
EMS academy of journalism is offering bachelor and master of journalism courses. EMS Academy means communication education with technology, adequate facilities, courses and supervision, depth training, classroom, library, computer lab, seminars and workshops, guest lecturer, study tours and hostel facilities gives a complete basic knowledge. Discipline and teaching methods of EMS Academy of journalism is the example of truly Indian educational tactics. Our objective is to produce the common man with communication knowledge, so this person will enlighten the society with brain and dedication.






























Our Mission


EMS Academy of journalism is established with a novel idea of providing both theoretical and practical knowledge of journalism simultaneously from the day the student joins our courses. Internal marking will be given to students based on their performance in their project, assignment, attendance, tests given and other creative work activities. The student of EMS academy of journalism will have an opportunity to use the excellent infrastructure of “express media service” under supervision of senior journalists also assures full support and guidance to the students for placement in various media companies.


Our Aims


To ensure that courses and training programs truly reflect the needs of media organizations.

To provide in depth knowledge in all the functional areas.

To develop strong analytical skills.


Our Objectives

To familiarize the students with the working of the media.

To develop the skills for newspapers, radio, TV and web journalism.

To enhance research aptitude and skills so as to understand the media and make good use of it.

To develop understanding and its relationship with the media.

To sensitize students about human values, culture, development of society and environment       and relation to the media.

To develop aptitude and competence to analyze and interpret the news and other information       for the media.



About Society


Vidhyasagar Education Society


Vidhyasagar Education Society based at Jabalpur is Registered in December 1993. The main objectives of the society are Manage Educational institutions, Research in education, conduct Social development activities.


Member of management committee.

  1. Shree Sanat Jain (Chairman)
  2. Shree Zaheer Ansari
  3. Shree Rajkumar Jain (Secretary)
  4. Shree Saral Jain (Treasury officer)
  5. Shree Uttam Pathak (Member)
  6. Shree G.P. Sharma (Member)
  7. Shree Benadict David (Member)
  8. Ms. Sadhana Jain (Member)
  9. Shree P. L. Agrawal (Member)
  10. Shree A. N. Lal (Member)


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